Anime Review: XxxHOLiC

Published May 13, 2012 by Himawari.Fumino


Genre: Supernatural, Mystery, Comedy, Psychological,

The story revolves around Watanuki Kimihiro a normal high school boy or is he? born with the ability to see the supernatural and on top of all that gets chased by them almost every day. One day while coming home from school he stumbles upon a strange building which turns out to be a wish-granting shop, He meets the shop’s owner an eccentric lady named Ichihara Yuuko. Yuuko senses that Watanuki wants to get rid of his troublesome ability to see spirits and offers to get rid of it. Watanuki agrees but Yuuko suddenly says “For everything you wish, you have to pay an equal price in return. You can’t get more or give more. You can’t get less or give less. It must be in balance, or else there will be chaos.” the so called “price” for Watanuki’s wish was to work for her and do the chores, cooking and doing errands for her. Watanuki’s life takes a turn the very moment he enters the shop. What will happend to Watanuki? Will they be able to get rid of his annoying ability to see the supernatural? Watch and find out!

My Side Comment:

This anime is actually my favorite. What Yuuko means in the quotation above is actually the price depends on how is the weight of the wish of the person. If you want cash then you have to give of equal value for example a precious belonging. The anime’s genre maybe Supernatural and Mystery but it also a has twist of Comedy so I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the antics of the characters here and also the different mysteries every episode.

Site Recommendation:

Either watch in or in, These are just recommendations so every site is good ^^

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